Version 0.4

This version works with RocksDB v3.12.

Backward Incompatible Changes:

  • Changed API of rocksdb.DB.compact_range().

    • Only allow keyword arguments.
    • Changed reduce_level to change_level.
    • Add new argument called bottommost_level_compaction.

Version 0.3

This version works with RocksDB version v3.11.

Backward Incompatible Changes:

Prefix Seeks:

According to this page, all the prefix related parameters on ReadOptions are removed. Rocksdb realizes now if Options.prefix_extractor is set and uses then prefix-seeks automatically. This means the following changes on pyrocksdb.

  • DB.iterkeys, DB.itervalues, DB.iteritems have no prefix parameter anymore.
  • DB.get, DB.multi_get, DB.key_may_exist, DB.iterkeys, DB.itervalues, DB.iteritems have no prefix_seek parameter anymore.

Which means all the iterators walk now always to the end of the database. So if you need to stay within a prefix, write your own code to ensure that. For DB.iterkeys and DB.iteritems itertools.takewhile is a possible solution.

from itertools import takewhile

it = self.db.iterkeys()'00002')
print list(takewhile(lambda key: key.startswith(b'00002'), it))

it = self.db.iteritems()'00002')
print dict(takewhile(lambda item: item[0].startswith(b'00002'), it))

SST Table Builders:

  • Removed NewTotalOrderPlainTableFactory, because rocksdb drops it too.

Changed Options:

In newer versions of rocksdb a bunch of options were moved or removed.

  • Rename bloom_bits_per_prefix of rocksdb.PlainTableFactory to bloom_bits_per_key
  • Removed Options.db_stats_log_interval.
  • Removed Options.disable_seek_compaction
  • Moved Options.no_block_cache to BlockBasedTableFactory
  • Moved Options.block_size to BlockBasedTableFactory
  • Moved Options.block_size_deviation to BlockBasedTableFactory
  • Moved Options.block_restart_interval to BlockBasedTableFactory
  • Moved Options.whole_key_filtering to BlockBasedTableFactory
  • Removed Options.table_cache_remove_scan_count_limit
  • Removed rm_scan_count_limit from LRUCache

Version 0.2

This version works with RocksDB version 2.8.fb. Now you have access to the more advanced options of rocksdb. Like changing the memtable or SST representation. It is also possible now to enable Universal Style Compaction.

Version 0.1

Initial version. Works with rocksdb version 2.7.fb.